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Welcome to the Official Website of the Singapore Weightlifting Federation (SWF)!

We were officially registered in January 2001, however, it was an initiative proposed by passionate weightlifting fans in the sporting community. A small but brave group of volunteers (who were not weightlifters, but active sportspeople in their own rights) revived it, and took upon their shoulders to succeed in this challenge.

SWF, a National Sports Association under the purview of the Singapore Sports Council, was formed as a response to reviving a national body for weightlifting after a hiatus of nearly 10 years. This gap of time proved to be a formidable but not impossible task for the new team.

We held our inaugural national championships in 2002, where we invited competitors form the Malaysian states. SWF contends that regional events enhance our competitive spirit and edge, as well as develops healthy relationships between weightlifting associations with mutual sharing of expertise and recognition for each other.

For a copy of SWF’s Constitution:

SWF Constitution 2014


It is the mission of the Singapore Weightlifting Federation is to establish the necessary programmes to facilitate and encourage increased participation in the sport as well as maximizing the resources available to ensure the competitiveness of the athletes with a strong and efficient management team


The Singapore Weightlifting Federation believes in maintaining an open relationship with its stakeholders in pursuit of win-win solutions, which all stakeholders – athletes, coaches and partners – can benefit from. Integrity must be maintained in all its activities and initiatives.

The SWF is currently managed by its 2017-2019 Executive Committee and its elected office bearers.

President: Tom Liaw

Vice President: Wan Zainal Abidin

2nd Vice President: Tan Lay Sang

Honorary-General Secretary: Mohd Dali

Asst General Secretary: Steve Yip

Treasurer: Helena Wong

Committee Members:

Charles Lim

Enrico Varella

Joel Law

Lim Zhengxian

Lee Wei Hoon

Contact Information

Email Address:


Social Media:

Website:            www.swf.org.sg
Facebook:         singaporeweightliftingfederation
Instagram:       singaporeweightlifting_swf

Contact Number:

+65 67479330

Mailing Address:

8A Clifton Vale
Singapore 359678

Training Centre (Meeting with SWF rep is by appointment only):

Bedok Sports Hall, 3 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore 469643.

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