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Be trained with Olympic Weightlifting methodologies and concepts.

The sport can be pursued by all ages and both genders. As an activity it is also an effective and efficient tool incorporated into a variety of sports programmes, for a person to enhance his/her:

1. Maximum strength (get stronger and fitter)
2. Power control (effective use of strength)
3. Musculoskeletal development (joint and muscle flexibility, bone density)
4. Biomechanical co-ordination (better muscle recruitment and synergies)
5. Balance and stability (improve your agility and awareness)
6. Mental strength (focus, be goal oriented, patience)

This training package(s) consist of session(s) of 1.5hrs each with SWF’s Head Coach. Available: Single Session or 15+1 Sesssions.

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Single Session, 15+1 Session


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