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Relocation of SWF Training Centre

We’ll be relocating our training centre at the end of this year, with our last day of operations at Jalan Benaan Kapal being 30th Dec 2014.

“JBK” has created warm and lasting memories for us and we would like to thank all of you who have supported our activities there since 2009.

At present, negotiations are still ongoing for our new premises and we aren’t able to reveal any details yet.

We look forward to your continued support in 2015!!

Singapore Weightlifting Wins A Bronze Medal

The 2009 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships marked a milestone for Singapore Weightlifting. Having entered one of its biggest squads for an international competition in recent years. The team brought home a bronze medal in the Junior Men’s 105+kg Category. This Medal was won by 18 year old Lewis Chua who is currently serving National Service with the Air Force.

24 Commonwealth countries were presented by almost 200 athletes. Singapore was represented by a team of 5 athletes (our 6th athlete, Ang Hwee, who needed to lift a total of 290kg to be selected by SNOC for the SEA Games in Laos, was withdrawn from competition due to injury), most of whom were participating in international competition for the first time. All our lifters performed well in matching their personal bests if not establishing new ones. Of the squad, 3 athletes were under the age of 20, part of Singapore’s new generation of weightlifters.

Category          Name                             Snatch       C & J      Total

58kg Jr/F        Jamie Wee                    42kg           50kg       92kg

69kg Sr/M      Wu Chuanfu                  136kg         -na-         -na-

69kg Jr/M      Reshveen Rajendran   72kg          103kg      175kg

85kg Sr/M      Derrick Kim                   110kg         130kg    240kg

105+kg Jr/M  Lewis Chua                    100kg        120kg     220kg

Initially entered as a ‘guest’, Chuanfu (who arrived in Singapore as a Head Coach for the team) was recognised as an official entrant for Singapore. Following 2 incomplete lifts in the Clean & Jerk, he was unfortunate to have his final lift of 160kg declared a ‘no lift’ on a technicality, thus, eliminating him from a minimum bronze medal placing.

The Singapore Weightlifting Federation looks forward to further success for its athletes and Singapore on the international stage while also developing and positioning itself well, to host international championships in the future.