With SWF,you have an opportunity to enrich yourself with the skills required to impart and benefit from weightlifting. Weightlifting can be pursued both as a recreational interest or as a competitive sport. Beyond the physical benefits (fitness, strength, agility, power developments), you will learn about bio-mechanics, goal setting and planning.

Weightlifting Coach certification

Whether it is for general fitness or performance development, a Weightlifting Coach certification is suitable for sports enthusiasts, PE teachers and sports coaches. Strength training is part of the basic foundation for anyone looking to improve their ability to enjoy their daily activities. Divided into 3 different levels, each certification syllabus has been developed to be aligned with SSC’s NCAP Syllabus for coaching professionals who require the endorsement. At the same time, the syllabus caters to someone who is interested in self-enrichment and improvement.


If you are interested in the sport and would like to be involved or learn more without competing, you can do so as Technical Official or also participate in our Introduction to Weightlifting Workshops. These workshops can also be organised for schools and other organisations as part of enrichment programmes.

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